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Why Choose Us?Why Work With Us?


Why Choose Us?

On-Demand Recruiting
– What is it?

It is renting a top-notch recruiter to find the candidates you want. It is recruiting as a flexible monthly service. Get help with candidates sourcing, interviews and offers without adding headcount, hiring recruiting contractors or dealing with recruitment agencies.

Press Pause

One month you are filling loads of roles the next month none. No problem, turn on demand off when you need to and on when hiring ramps up.

Adjust Anytime

One recruiter or two recruiters, part-time or full time. With on-demand you can scale your services up or down to match your exact needs.

Contract Placement

We provide highly skilled contractors across the IT and Marketing Sector.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your monthly price depends on the type of service you need. If you want to source only, we will provide you with candidates, do the initial screening and introduce them to you. If you want full service recruiting we will guide you through the recruiting process from job request to a final offer. You have the option of a part-time recruiter or one or two full-time recruiters.

Our clients typically find substantial savings compared to agency placement fees. To figure out how much on-demand recruiting could save you reach out to us today for pricing.

We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Candidates
& Businesses

Kedal Resources is a boutique, contingent resource company placing resources in fixed term & permanent national & inter-national employment contracts partnering with leading Irish and Multinational organizations in their search for the very best of talent.

Staffed by a team of highly experienced resource managers we pride ourselves in our passion for successful professional resource placement of experienced quality resources for national and international clients.


Why Work With Us?

Our Track Record

With many years of experience in the IT and Marketing industry, we have developed a long-lasting relationship with both our clients and contractors.

Our Network of available Contractors

We have built a database and network of leading clients and contractors, helping organisations grow and contractors develop their careers.

Our Approach

We ensure that our contractors have all the information needed before beginning a contract and that the transition runs as smoothly as possible. With no surprises for either contractor or hiring manager when the contract commences.

Our Customer Service

We continue to follow up with both the contractor and our clients to make sure they happy in their role and the hiring manager is satisfied with the hire.

Strong trust and relationships with both contractor and hiring manager, is evident by repeat contracts and low staff turnover.

Payroll Provider

Kedal Resources can, select and provide high skilled talented,  temporary or fixed-term staff based on your project or temporary requirements. Acting as their employers, Kedal can manage the payroll of your temporary workforce while they carry out your requirements. Talk to us today to find out more about this service.

Cost Base

We strive to provide the most experienced contractors and a low-cost base.



"Bernadette was the reason I got the dream contract at one of the largest tech companies in the world. She understood the type of work I wanted to do and helped me find an exciting role with one of her clients. She was always available for questions and backed me up completely from the start for the role, and made sure I had everything I needed to land the position at the time. I found Bernadette a pleasure to deal with and would recommend her highly for someone looking for a role."

Placed Candidate - Eleanor O’Neill

“Bernadette has been incredible in helping me find the job I desired. Not only did she got me a role in a Tech company that I love, which fits my skills and allows me to grow both professionally and personally, but she has also been able to understand my personality and values and how important it was for me to work in a like-minded environment. She took great care of me from the very start, from the application process to ensuring the start of the new job was smooth and pleasant, and she has always been very responsive and available for any questions. I highly recommend Bernadette to anyone who is looking for a role.”

Placed candidate - Francesca Dini 

“Bernadette helped prepare me for the job hunt and found me the perfect role in one of the largest IT companies in the world . Professional and communicative every step of the way"

Placed candidate - Chris Garrigan

“I've worked for Bernadette for the last two years, and in those two years, she has been a great resource for helping me navigate working as a contractor. Bernadette is a great person and a brilliant professional to work for and I would advise anyone with an interest in working as a contractor for US multinational's to reach out to Bernadette as her knowledge is second to none. It has been a privilege to work for Bernadette over the last two years."

Placed candidate in Contract Role - Paul McBride


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