‘Contracting is no longer a last resort but a conscious decision’.

Why companies choose contractors?

Companies use contractors for different reasons, restructure part of a business, implement new technology, or to even clear a back log of work.

Why work as a contractor?

1. Flexibility

Working as a contractor gives you much more flexibility to manage your work around your life. As a contractor you can work the duration of your employment and then have the control over whether to look for a new position or pursue other interests.

2. Explore new areas

Contract work can allow you to experience work in new environments. By exploring new areas of work can be a good way of broadening your skill set.

3. Money

One of the most attractive reasons to become a contractor is the monetary benefits. As a result of the flexibility in contract roles, employers have the ability to pay higher rates than typically received for permanent posts.

If you are currently working as a contractor or considering contracting as your next career step then send your updated CV to Bernadette ( today.

Returning Home from Abroad

Thinking of returning home, contact us about upcoming contract positions. We can help make your transition home easier through successful job placement.

Here are some important points worth considering:

1. Get your CV Ready: Keep your CV short and to the point

2. Explain breaks in your CV: Employers need to know about breaks in your CV, do not hide them, it is important to explain

these experiences.

3. Positive experiences about travel: There should have been value in your experiences of travel

4. Up To-date references: Even if your references are out of the country, employer’s do not mind just make sure they include

up to-date phone numbers and emails.

5. Consider Contract work: In today’s world many people choose contract work in preference to permanent employment. It can also offer a route to full-time and permanent positions while also giving candidates time to assess if the company and role is actually for them.